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Kero Blaster prologue, Pink Hour, now available as a free download

Studio Pixel, the developer behind Cave Story, released a free, downloadable prologue to its upcoming game Kero Blaster called Pink Hour.

Pink Hour is described as "a cute and fancy action game that lets you mess around and have fun to your heart's content." As an office worker on a mission to collect missing documents, players will hop over enemies to clear caves. For a look at the 2D side-scroller, watch the trailer above.

The game's predecessor, Kero Blaster, was originally announced as Gero Blaster last year at BitSummit in Japan. Kero Blaster stars a bipedal, office worker frog charged with clearing the company teleporter of monsters. It's expected to launch May 11 for iOS and Windows PC.

You can download Pink Hour for Windows PC via digital distributor Playism's website.