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Watch Chris Roberts demonstrate Star Citizen's Dogfighting Module

During a backers-only, pre-PAX East event in Boston, Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts presented a demo of the game's Dogfighting Module.

Star Citizen is Roberts Space Industries' crowd-funded, sandbox space exploration game. During the presentation, Roberts demonstrated how to fly the game's ship and take out oncoming enemies. The Dogfighting Module will feature five game modes, such as Battle Royale and Capture the Shore for competitive gaming and ranked matches.

Roberts Space Industries announced the backers-only presentation last month.You can watch the full event, including the demo and behind-the-scenes look at the game, in the video above.

Star Citizen's Dogfighting Module will be available following PAX East. It was delayed in December 2013 in order to work on the game's back-end.

Star Citizen is expected to launch for Windows PC next year.