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Visceral's Star Wars game being co-written by Todd Stashwick

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American film and TV actor and writer Todd Stashwick has signed on to co-write Visceral Games' upcoming Star Wars title alongside Amy Hennig, it was announced today.

In a series of tweets, Hennig said Stashwick is joining her as co-writer on the game, and he "is a huge gamer, knows Star Wars inside-out and sideways and is a brilliant writer to boot."

Stashwick is best known for his role of Dale Malloy on the TV series The Riches. He also appeared as Ash Murphy in Justified and co-created the online web comic Devil Inside.

Last year, game studio Naughty Dog confirmed that Stashwick was doing voice-over work for its new Uncharted game, which ex-Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig was also working on before she joined Visceral Games.

We have contacted EA for more information.