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Record Run from Harmonix in development for Android and iOS, planned for May release

Record Run, Harmonix Music Systems' upcoming free-to-play running rhythm game, is in development for Android and iOS, director of publishing and public relations John Drake revealed at a PAX East 2014 panel today.

"If you have a tablet or a phone, we hope we can get this game to you," Drake said, though he joked that a Windows Phone release may be unlikely.

Record Run is "in submission at one of the first parties now" and should be out in the next week or two, but first in Australia and Canada to make sure it works. Harmonix is planning on a wider release in May.

Drake played a demo of the game on an iPad during the panel. In Record Run, players begin by choosing from characters like a goth cheerleader, a punk rocker or a hipster with a cat in his backpack.

Record Run players can can pick any song from their music library. Drake chose The Jackson 5's "ABC," and his character ran down a street collecting floating revolving records, jumping and sliding to the beat through two parallel lanes that you can see in the image above.

At the end of the level, he earned a star rating and a backstage pass to unlock more songs. He received bonuses for accuracy and score and unlocked the ability challenge friends. Friends challenged will be able to play immediately or, if they don't own the song, buy it and begin playing.

Record Run will also include missions, which group together goals like collecting 2,000 records or scoring 25,000 points on a song. Accomplish the goals and you'll finish the mission. The game will feature leaderboards that will reset weekly but also will track your lifetime records.

"This is sort of a nice test case" for the developer to figure out mobile and free-to-play, Drake said. If all goes well, Harmonix would like to create more games based on Record Run's technology.

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