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Titanfall's first DLC is called Expedition, hits with three maps in May

Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter filled with giant mechanical robots, will get its first pack of downloadable content, called Expedition, this May.

The DLC's story will take place after the multiplayer campaign. A map called "Swampland" will be set among the ruins of "archaic alien technology" and include trees for wall running. A second map called "Runoff" includes water. The third map is called "War Games" and is based in the game's training simulator.

The announcement came at a PAX East 2014 retrospective panel that covered the game's development. Respawn's developers also said that free updates headed to the game include new burn cards and multiplayer modes. They're also researching removing the HUD for video capture, a fan-requested feature. Other features would allow players to pair up using social media hashtags, customize their titans, introduce competitive rankings and daily challenges.

Respawn is also exploring what they're calling "rifts or variants," which would tweak existing modes. They'd be released for a week or two — or, if they prove popular, they could become permanently available.

Respawn Entertainment announced earlier this month that Titanfall's season pass will cost $24.99. You can learn more about the game by reading and watching Polygon's Titanfall review.