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Strike Vector getting new co-op mode next month

Developer Ragequit Corporation is bringing a new co-op mode to its aerial arena shooter Strike Vector next month, studio co-founder Jeremy Chaieb told Joystiq.

Free content will continue to be added to the game for the foreseeable future, said Chaieb, including new maps and modes. The upcoming co-op mode features teams of six pitted against AI, which is a shift from the game's typical player vs. player deathmatches. In the meantime, Strike Vector is currently on sale at half-off on Steam for $12.49.

Strike Vector received a 7 out of 10 review from Polygon at its release. "It's impressive that a small team has managed such a successfully punishing arena shooter in 2014," the review reads. "Strike Vector is fast, mechanically sophisticated and fun. I enjoyed my time with it, but it's not sitting at the forefront of my mind the way other more involved shooters have. As successful as it can be in flight, Ragequit can't quite stick the landing."

The Ragequit release first launch earlier this year following its success on Steam Greenlight. The game, which the studio states takes its inspiration from Quake 3, allows users to customize their Vector jet with hundreds of combinations of available weaponry.

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