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Crysis and Crysis 2 on PC losing online multiplayer in GameSpy server shutdown

The Windows PC versions of Crytek's first-person shooters Crysis and Crysis 2 will lose their online multiplayer modes as a result of the GameSpy server shutdown slated for next month, according to a post on the Crysis forums.

GameSpy Technology announced earlier this month that on May 31 it would shut down many of its servers, which host online functionality for several dozen titles across console, mobile and PC.

In a post on the Crysis forums, the company revealed that it would not be looking into migration options for Crysis and Crysis 2 on Windows PC, resulting in the complete shutdown of online functionality for these titles with GameSpy's decision. However, the company noted that multiplayer in the console versions of Crysis 2 remains unaffected.

"The single-player campaigns in both games are unaffected by this transition, and the multiplayer mode in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Crysis 2 remain playable," reads the statement.

"We'd like to thank everyone who has taken up arms in Crysis and Crysis 2's multiplayer modes in the last few years, and apologize to the small but dedicated community of PC players who are still actively competing against one another."

Games affected by the GameSpy server shutdown include titles from a handful of companies like Capcom and Bohemia Interactive both old and new — such as the recently-released Arma 3. Last week publisher Electronic Arts revealed that it was looking into migration options for affect titles, which include Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2142.

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