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How Prodigy's turn-based tactical battles work

A new video from Hanakai Studio demonstrates how players of Prodigy, a turn-based tactical game, will use their real-life figurines to fight in the game's virtual world.

Prodigy, announced earlier this year, combines "high-quality figurines" with video games to tell a story set in a fantasy universe. Players engage in one-on-one squad based combat; the game uses a ring of power, which carries the unique player ID, and a special board to battle.

By placing characters onto a board and validating the party with an attack card, players can initiate battles. During the fight, players move their physical character around a board to dodge, attack or protect other characters. Watch the video above to see the game in action.

Hanakai Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign April 2 to raise $100,000. The game has since surpassed that goal with more than $158,000 raised; funding efforts will end May 2. Prodigy is being developed for Windows PC.

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