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Star Citizen reaches $42 million, adds a towel

Space combat game Star Citizen has reached $42 million in crowd funding, Cloud Imperium founder Chris Roberts announced in his latest blog post.

This additional funding unlocks several new goals, which include an updated observist guide, an explorer-class mobiGlas rig for those who backed the game before it hit $42 million, an additional "Gladius" fighter vehicle, and finally, a towel.

Preliminary art for these in-game towels is shown above. Like the mobiGlas rig, these will only be available to those who backed the game prior to hitting this funding level.

For the eventual $44 million goal mark, backers can expect a Hangar room system which was previously voted for by users. The Hangar is currently being developed, while those who back the project before it hits $44 million will receive a number of items for their Hangar, including 3D holographic cartography.

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