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Glitchspace now available through Steam Early Access

Glitchspace, a "first-person programming game" from Space Budgie, is now available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam Early Access, the developer announced today.

The game takes place in a cyberspace world, where players are hunting for the Glitchspace, a "by-product of cyberspace and its various glitches." Players problem solve by editing object codes and exploiting glitches they find.

"We created a node-based programming system for Glitchspace, called Null," the game's description reads. "Null allows for chunks of functionality to be applied to objects with ease, and makes the programming a visual, dynamic, and instantaneous feature.

"Objects in Glitchspace are either programmable, or non-programmable. You can make an object programmable through decryption using a decrypter, and similarly you can make it non-programmable through encryption using an encrypter."

The alpha currently offers an hour of play, while the developer hopes to include two-to-three hours once the game is complete. According to the game's Steam page, Space Budgie wants to improve more than just gameplay elements, such as audio, puzzles and more.

Glitchspace is expected to launch in full during Q2 2014. The Early Access alpha is currently available for $6.99.

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