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Teaser site hints at Interceptor game with Duke Nukem removed

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Interceptor Entertainment just launched a teaser website whose URL,, hints at a reconditioned version of a Duke Nukem game that brought on a lawsuit two months ago.'s countdown (pictured) expires in 29 days. In February, Interceptor launched the website to tease a game titled Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, which was to have been made by 3D Realms, the original developer of the Duke Nukem series. that game was described as a "top-down role-playing game."

3D Realms was famously unable to finish Duke Nukem Forever despite more than a decade of development, and as its legal troubles mounted it sold the rights to the IP to Gearbox Software in 2010.

In late February, Gearbox noticed Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction and sued to stop its development and launch. The lawsuit it filed included a signed apology from 3D Realms cofounders George Broussard and Scott Miller for developing and selling a Duke Nukem game without Gearbox's knowledge or permission.

3D Realms answered the lawsuit by saying it retained the rights to develop the Duke Nukem game and that the trademark to Duke Nukem was never assigned to Gearbox, and that 3D Realms still owned it.

Interceptor Entertainment, for its part, called the lawsuit "an unfortunate situation" but said "we have acted in good faith and are working towards a resolution." Interceptor then said it was putting Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction on hold in light of the lawsuit. The game was to have released for Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

Interceptor then bought 3D Realms and appointed an Interceptor executive as its new CEO.

Gearbox finished Duke Nukem Forever and 2K Games published it in 2011. It was a critical failure, most of which Gearbox blamed on 3D Realms in the lawsuit it filed in February.

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