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GaymerX may no longer hold annual conference, but it's far from over

GaymerX, the video game conference that celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community in games, will no longer be holding an annual event due to resource limitations, but this doesn't mean the organization itself is coming to an end, according to co-creator Matt Conn.

Writing to the GaymerX website, Conn said that the recent announcement that the organization will no longer running the convention does not mean the end of GaymerX as a whole. "It just means that we're no longer going to be holding it as an annual event," he said. "This year, we went all out with the venue and going to three days, the costs skyrocketed. And although attendance has been doing well, corporate sponsorship was just not at a level to sustain going this huge.

"We're taking on a huge risk of debt, and even if we do end up selling out, we will barely break even."

Despite this, Conn said it's "certainly not an end to the fight for equality in gaming," and GaymerX is just getting started. If future conventions take place, he said they would have to be planned in a way that is sustainable and doesn't take on the amount of financial risk the organizers are taking on this year.

GaymerX will take place from July 11-13 at the San Francisco Intercontinental Hotel.

The organizers sought funding for the convention this year via Kickstarter.

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