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Jane Jensen's Moebius: Empire Rising now available for Windows PC and Mac

The latest story trailer for Moebius: Empire Rising, third-person mystery adventure game from Gabriel Knight series designer Jane Jensen and her Pinkerton Road Studio, is available now for Windows PC and Mac for $29.99.

The title can be purchased from online distributors such as Steam, GoG and GamersGate. Those who purchase the game through the Phoenix Online Studios Store are eligible for 20 percent off using a discount code. iPad and Android versions are due for release shortly.

The game centers on protagonist Malachi Rector, an antiques specialist, genius and sleuth with a photographic memory. He gets caught up in a worldwide government conspiracy when he is sent to Venice to investigate the murder of a young woman. Running at 15-20 hours, gameplay in the puzzle-centric Moebius consists of dialog trees, deduction, inventory management and memory games.

Moebius was developed by Phoenix Online Studios, the studio behind 2010 King's Quest fan sequel The Silver Lining and episodic point-and-click detective adventure Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller. The developers are currently running a promotion for fans to vote on which new Jane Jensen short story they would like to unlock.

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