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Eufloria Adventures out on PS Mobile this week

Real-time strategy game Eufloria Adventures is hitting PlayStation Mobile this week, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

The title is a new game set in the Eufloria universe from developers Brian Grainger, Rudolf Kremers and Alex May. In the game, an entity called the Mother Tree has sent you — a Seedling Ship — to investigate a set of alien environments, scouring for resources and artifacts to use. Players will be able to evolve a single Seedling Ship in a variety of different ways, assigning it new attributes and honing its speed, strength and energy levels. Along the way, players can also rescue lost seedlings, defeat enemy seedlings and discover records left by the seedlings that came before.

Eufloria Adventures includes both a casual mode and a roguelike mode, for players wanting various difficulty levels. The procedurally generated levels can be tackled in any order, though players may choose to avoid certain ones until their Ship is more powerful.

The game utilizes touch controls only, as Kremers notes in the PlayStation Blog post the team thought this route was the best fit for all PlayStation Mobile devices.

The original Eufloria is also currently available for Linux, Mac, PC, iOS, Android and through the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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