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Boston Festival of Indie Games now accepting art and game submissions

Submissions for art and digital and tabletop games are now open for the Boston Festival of Indie Games, organizers announced today.

Showcase submissions, which must be entered by June 20, include a fee of $30 for digital games and $10 for tabletop games or eligible artists. Entrants will be reviewed by curators such as journalist and author Sande Chen, Fire Hose Games creative director Eitan Glinert and Harmonix senior designer Tim Stellmach. Those with accepted work will be featured at the event and on its website.

The Boston FIG is an annual celebration of indie games in New England. According to co-producer Aerjen Tamminga, last year's event drew in 100 game designers and 7,500 visitors.

"Many of the designers have gone on to launch their games on Steam, Kickstarter and other platforms," Tamminga said. "This year we have two fantastic curation chairs: Brianna Wu from Giant Spacekat will head up the digital showcase and Glenn Given from Games by Play Date will head up the tabletop showcase. We've increased the floor space and opened up to a wider region. We believe that more space, plus more games equals more fun!"

The Boston Festival of Indie Games takes place September 13 at the Johnson Athletic Center on MIT's campus. The event is open to the public.

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