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Cult County to launch on Nintendo 3DS if minimum crowdfunding goal is met

Renegade Kid's upcoming horror game, Cult County, will launch for Nintendo 3DS — in addition to its other platforms — if the game meets its minimum crowdfunding goal, the developer announced on Kickstarter.

Cult County is a first-person, atmospheric title described as The Walking Dead meets Silent Hill 2. The game takes place in a small, West Texas town where protagonist Gavin Mellick begins unraveling clues about a "cultish" group new to the area.

The game was originally planned for release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS, but grew "beyond the scope" of the handheld system. When Renegade Kid began crowdfunding efforts for the game on Kickstarter, a 3DS port was added as a stretch goal.

"We sent the call out on Twitter, and we got a tremendous response," the update reads. "Two-hundred and forty-eight retweets and 47 favorites later we hear you loud and clear.

"If the minimum funded goal of $580,000 is reached, you will be able to choose the Nintendo 3DS as your platform of choice for your download code."

The 3DS port is another incentive added to the campaign's main funding goals; earlier this month, Renegade Kid announced VR support in the form of Project Morpheus for the PlayStation 4 edition.

The Cult County Kickstarter, which ends May 2, has currently raised more than $38,000 of its goal. During an interview with Polygon, Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham said that the developer plans to make the game "regardless of what happens with the Kickstarter campaign." However, if funding is not successful, it will take longer to make the game.

Cult County is currently being developed for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam, as well as Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Xbox One.