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Popular Chinese animated lamb joins Where's My Water? mobile franchise

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Xi Yiang Yiang, one of China's most popular animated characters, is joining the cast of Disney's mobile franchise Where's My Water? with Where's My XYY?, available today for mobile devices.

Players will guide the cheerful and critical-thinking lamb XYY on an adventure through medieval environments, where he must cut through dirt and guide flows of water to goals in order to defeat the Big Bad Wolf, XYY's nemesis.

This new version of Where's My Water? also includes two new elements to maneuver — fire and oil — as well as 80 new levels and dozens of in-game collectibles for players to unlock.

Where's My XYY? initially launched in China last December. The animation it is based on is still running, having produced just under 800 25-minute episodes since it first aired in June 2005. The series follows Xi Yang Yang and his sheep clan as they set about their lives in a grassy meadow, thwarting the Big Bad Wolf's attempts to eat them. The series has also spawned several animated films.

The game is currently available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store for $0.99. Other Where's My...? titles available to download include Where's My Water?, Where's My Water? 2, Where's My Mickey? and Where's My Perry?

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