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Hide-and-seek horror title The Flock coming to Steam

Dutch indie developer Vogelsap will release its hide-and-seek based survival horror title The Flock through Steam as part of an agreement with Valve, the company told Polygon this morning.

The Flock is an asymmetrical multiplayer title designed for three to five players. These players because the Flock, deformed humanoid monsters with gnarled limbs and protruding bones, roaming a barren and dark world in which all life has perished.

Gameplay is similar to red-light-green-light in that players must catch each other while they are unaware in order to take them out of the game. Players must become a being called a Carrier by gaining control of the Light Artifact, a mirror that shines a beam of light wherever it is pointed.

The Carrier is slower and weaker than all other Flock, making them an easier target. If the mirror's light hits another Flock while it is moving, the lit-up Flock dies and respawns elsewhere in the world. If the light shines on a Flock that is not moving, nothing happens — giving the second player the opportunity to strike from any angle and take the Light Artifact once the Carrier's back in turned.

More details on The Flock's release are forthcoming. Polygon went hands-on with the title during Gamescom 2013 last summer and spoke with the group of students that make up developer Vogelsap. We found the game absolutely terrifying.