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Resogun developers tease local co-op DLC

Finnish developer Housemarque is teasing upcoming add-on content for its PlayStation 4 side-scrolling arcade-style shooter Resogun, with an image recently posted by the studio's Twitter account hinting at a new game mode.

The photo, posted above, shows two players side by side with Resogun projected over them. Their placement and presence of two DualShock 4 controllers suggest the game could be getting local two-player co-op mode.

"First of many things to come #RESOGUN #DLC #teaser," reads the text beneath the photo. This also suggests that the next update to Resogun will contain more additional features besides the teased local co-op.

Earlier this month, Housemarque teased via Twitter that an update to Resogun featuring new content and improvements was on the way. When contacted for comment, a representative for Housemarque stated what is coming will be a "substantial expansion to the 'classic' Resogun experience. "

Resogun launched last November alongside the PS4 and was part of the free PlayStation Plus lineup that month.

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