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Everquest 2's All Access benefits include loot bonuses and loyalty items

EverQuest 2 players with Sony Online Entertainment's All Access plan will receive seven character slots, members-only loyalty items and more, SOE announced today.

All Access subscribers to the Windows PC massively multiplayer online role-playing game will also receive a 15 percent bonus to coin loot and a 10 percent bonus to mount speed. They'll earn double the amount of alternate currencies and have assess to broker, in-game mail, chat and spell tiers. All Access subscribers will also receive early access to content beginning next week when the program launches "on or about" April 23 with EverQuest 2's High Keep dungeon zone.

Earlier this year, SOE announced that players will be able to subscribe to its catalogue of games for a single, monthly payment of $14.99. You can learn more about SOE's upcoming games in our coverage of EverQuest Next and H1Z1.