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The modder who fixed Dark Souls' PC port scrutinizes Dark Souls 2

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Peter "Durante" Thoman, the modder who took it upon himself to vastly improve the visual quality of the Windows PC port of the original Dark Souls, has weighed in on the technical merits of the game's sequel at PC Gamer, calling it "a better experience and a more beautiful game."

In his look at the pre-release version of Dark Souls 2 for Windows PC, Thoman breaks down the forthcoming version's graphical options, its performance and the sheer size of its assets. He provides a handful of comparison screenshots, showing the PC version's leap in shadow, texture and model quality.

"While it is not quite the (almost generational) leap which was initially shown in previews, Dark Souls 2 on PC is a better experience and a more beautiful game than even a fully modded Dark Souls 1," Thoman said, "and it also performs well on a wide range of hardware. It adds effects which greatly enhance the visual impact of some scenes, such as dynamic godrays, improves the resolution of environment textures, greatly improves shadow resolution and filtering, and maintains the highly detailed equipment models, textures and ambient specular reflections which were a hallmark of the original Dark Souls' graphics."

Dark Souls 2 is slated for release on Windows PC on April 25. For more on the game, check out Polygon's review of the console versions and our Overview video of the PC release.

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