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Evolution-based arcade shooter Qualia 3 available today on Steam

Japanese indie developer Doujin Games is bringing its 2D arcade shooter Qualia 3 to Steam later today, the company announced.

Players will control an organism called a "Multi Agent" that is constantly evolving and must kill and absorb other creatures to become stronger. Destroying other organisms and taking their energy will unlock new trophies and more powerful forms as players seek to become the most dominant creature in the deep sea environment. There are 26 different body party players can collect from destroyed creatures and then equip for use across eight different stages, each culminating in a final boss.

The previous two Qualia games were published in North America as Qlione Evolve in Dec. 2010 through the PlayStation Network. According to a press statement, Qualia 3 includes graphical enhancements over its predecessors as well as tweaks to its controls.

Qualia 3 will be available for $4.99. Check out the game in action in the trailer above.