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Fenix Fire launches Kickstarter campaign for arcade adventure Source

Indie developer Fenix Fire launched a Kickstarter campaign for its in-development arcade action game Source, which the studio debuted last week at PAX East.

The campaign will end on May 11 and is seeking $50,000 to complete development on the title. At the time of writing the campaign has pulled in just over $8,700. According to the project page, Fenix Fire will use the crowdfunding money to develop the game's soundtrack and bring on an additional concept artist. All funding will go directly in the project, which the studio hopes to launch in mid-2015.

Source is set in an alternate dimension in which players must fight back against a growing darkness by taking and using energy from other beings. The game includes puzzle-solving and combat scenarios, and players will have to budget how they use the energy they collect as they try to save the world around them. On the Kickstarter page, CEO Brian McRae wrote that the Source's exploration style was inspired by the birth of his first child.

"In the summer of 2013, Anna and I had our first baby boy, Skyler, which gave me the idea to push exploration in the game by creating a completely surreal world so that the player would experience Source with 'infant eyes,'" he wrote. "In order to achieve this sensation, we needed to create a whole new alternate reality. Something both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time to help drive the exploratory spirit."

Source is currently planned for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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