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Doctor Who: Legacy first major update will add more than 20 hours of gameplay

Doctor Who: Legacy, Seed Studio and BBC Worldwide's free-to-play puzzle role-playing game, will receive more than 20 hours of new gameplay inspired by the show's fifth season, the developer announced today.

In Legacy, players travel through time to put together a team of characters from the show and solve gem-based puzzles. Doctor Who: Legacy Version 2.0: Rise of the Master, the game's first major update, introduces a new perk system, expert level modes and new abilities, in addition to new allies and enemies. With the game's perk system, players unlock additional abilities for their allies. Players will have access to four more forms of the Doctor: the First, Second, Ninth and War Doctor.

"The Season 5 story arc, Rise of the Master, sees the most recent incarnation of the Master, as played by John Simm, continuing his chaos and destruction," the announcement reads. "It also introduces two older incarnations of the Master from classic Doctor Who, Roger Delgado (the First Master) and the burnt Master from The Deadly Assassin."

Doctor Who: Legacy was announced last year as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sci-fi show. The game is available for Android, iOS and Kindle devices via the Amazon Appstore, Google Play and iTunes. A Facebook-based browser edition is expected to launch later this month.