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Watch 50-plus minutes of zombie-infested H1Z1 gameplay

Two developers of H1Z1 took to Twitch this week for the first time to show Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming zombie-filled open-world online game in action.

Press play above to see game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt and technical director Tom Schenck walk viewers through H1Z1. The game takes place 15 years after the titular virus appeared, in a world where zombies and other players threaten your existence. In the 54-minute stream, Whisenhunt, who describes H1Z1 as a "hardcore survival game" with permadeath, and Schenck show off its crafting, day and night cycles and combat as they showcase the wonders and horrors of the apocalypse.

H1Z1 is expected to be released for $20 through Steam Early Access sometime in the next several weeks. Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley revealed on Reddit last week that the developer is soliciting player feedback and wants to have a "serious dialogue" about how to monetize the game.