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Bit.Trip devs Gaijin Games to show two new titles at PAX East

Gaijin Games, the studio behind the Bit.Trip Runner series, is set to debut two new title at PAX East next weekend, developers announced today.

One year after the release of its latest title, Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, Gaijin Games will showcase its latest two projects — Woah Dave! and Destructamundo. These games were developed under the studio's Robotube label, a one-man indie studio Gaijin acquired in Feb. 2011.

The trailer above is for Destructamundo, a game about "chain reactions and explosions" Players fire a warhead at planets and set of fireworks to create damage chains as destructively as possible.

Woah Dave! (trailer below) is a score-chasing arcade title in which players destroy monsters, pocket their loot and set off more explosions. Everything within the game is trying to kill players — even the ammunition they use. The game also includes a hard mode set above the already-difficult main mode and will feature local two-player multiplayer. Woah Dave! is slated to launch on Android, iOS, Ouya, Windows PC and "probably other platforms."

PAX East 2014 will take place next Friday, April 11 through Sunday, April 13. Polygon will be in attendance providing coverage of the show.

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