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Amazon Fire TV game controller now available for $39.99

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Amazon's dedicated game controller for the just-unveiled Fire TV is available for purchase on Amazon today.

The controller can be used with Amazon Fire TV to play games as well as to browse and play movies, TV shows and music, doubling as a regular remote. The controller also lets users access Amazon's GameCircle social gaming service via a dedicated button.

The controller also doubles the number of games playable on Amazon Fire TV, allowing players to take on titles like Asphalt 8, Minecraft — Pocket Edition and NBA 2K14. Amazon Fire TV exclusive Sev Zero also comes free with the controller. Sev Zero is a tower defense title that pits players against aliens, defending their tower from invaders. Some Fire TV titles, including Sev Zero, require a controller to play.

The controller comes with 1,000 Amazon Coins — Amazon's virtual currency — and the Fire TV itself supports up to four controllers at a time.

According to the listing, the $39.99 wireless Bluetooth game controller has up to 55 hours of battery life and features auto sleep and instant-wake features. The controller itself features dual analog sticks and "all the controls a gamer would expect" — including an array of face buttons, triggers and bumpers in a layout reminiscent to the Xbox and PlayStation controllers — as well as lighted player indicators when using multiple controls in multiplayer.

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