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Microsoft's universal Windows app allows devs to create for any platform

The universal Windows app from Microsoft will give developers the power to create one app for tablets, Windows PC, Windows phones and Xbox One, Microsoft announced today during the company's Build 2014 keynote.

Speaking about the Xbox One's connection to the app, executive vice president of operating systems Terry Myerson explained that there is "no better TV experience out there than Xbox."

"Xbox right now is being actively used on 80 million televisions all over the world," Myerson said. "What we're going to enable is your universal Windows applications running on the Xbox."

The universal Windows app allows users to implement and tweak code from a single interface that can be reused across several platforms. According to Myerson, the feature will not be available in "the next few days or the next few weeks," but said that the company simply wanted to share the news.

The full presentation is available on Channel 9.

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