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Monument Valley hits iOS devices tomorrow

Monument Valley, ustwogames' surreal, touch-based puzzle game, will be available for iOS devices via the iTunes App Store tomorrow, the developer announced.

Inspired by the works of artist M.C. Escher and minimalist design, Monument Valley requires players to navigate architectural puzzles by changing their perspective and lining up physically impossible paths. Players can guide the game's silent protagonist, Princess Ida, by tapping different locations on screen and pulling or pushing towers with a finger.

"Like listening to an album or walking through a museum for the first time, Monument Valley is about discovery, perception and meaningful beauty," the developer said.

"Monument Valley introduces new game mechanics subtly, allowing players intuitively to discover their abilities and the rules of the world. Balancing difficulty and delight, the developers want as many players as possible to complete the game and see Ida's quest through to the end."

Watch the launch trailer above for a look at the game's puzzles and visual style.

Monument Valley will be available for $3.99. For more on how ustwogames wanted to create a game that everyone can finish, read our interview with director Neil McFarland, technical director Pete Pashley and executive producer Dan Gray from Game Developers Conference 2014.

The next level of puzzles.

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