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Game dev seeks Kickstarter funds for no game in particular

Game developer Henry Smith has launched an experimental Kickstarter, that asks backers to allow him to make non-specific free games for the next year.

Described as a "patronage" scheme, the maker of the award-winning Spaceteam said he wants to spend the next year creating free games for everyone, not just backers. Called The Spaceteam Admiral's Club, it is seeking $80,000 in funding.

"The Spaceteam Admiral's Club is an experimental Kickstarter campaign, not about one specific game, but about patronage, with a goal of directly supporting me so I can keep making free games for a whole year," he explained. "I'm working on two new games, Blabyrinth and Shipshape, but I don't know exactly how things are going to change, which is part of the fun."

Spaceteam (below) is a "co-operative shouting game" for mobile devices, winner of the Indiecade 2013 Interactive Award and IGF Finalist.

"If we make this campaign a success then I think this model could work sustainably for other indies as well," added Smith, who has previously worked at BioWare and Irrational Games. "It could bring more innovation and diversity to the industry, and create meaningful relationships between people who play games and people who make them."

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