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Make everything look like candy with Minecraft Xbox 360's new texture pack

Just in time for the post-Easter candy sales, a new texture pack that reskins all objects to look like candy is now available for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, according to a post on Play XBLA.

The Minecraft Candy Texture Pack costs $1 through the Xbox Games Store and includes a handful of textures for a variety of different materials. Players can now create objects like ice cream bushes, lollipop trees, soda rivers, cake stones, easter eggs, chocolate, candy golems and dozens of other sugar-coated things.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition recently added characters skins based on Marvel's Avengers, while the PlayStation 3 version received skins based on characters from a number of Sony franchises, including Uncharted, Killzone and Heavy Rain.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft had sold more than 12 million copies since its launch in 2012. The Windows PC version has sold more than 14 million units, while the PS3 version, which launched in December, has sold more than 1 million copies as of January.


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