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Dwarven Den launches May 1 for iOS devices

Backflip Studios' free puzzle, exploration and mining game, Dwarven Den, will be available May 1 via the iTunes App Store, the developer announced today.

As a "jolly, rotund" dwarf, players embark on an underground quest to save their ancestors, who have been trapped in underground mines. During their journey through the earth, players hunt for ancient civilizations, items and more while solving puzzles. The game also features opportunities to team up with Facebook friends to form guilds and take on special challenges.

"Each underground level has players mining ancient, buried ruins for loot," the game's description reads. "Spelunking can be tough, however, with hungry monsters and cave-ins looming around every corner. Never fear: an ample supply of bombs and skills make obstacles disappear! Further into the mines, collecting valuable ore lets players forge better tools and enhanced gear like magical picks, helmets and packs."

For a look at the game, watch the trailer below.

Backflip is best known for its work on games such as DragonVale and Paper Toss; the company also recently launched a publishing arm. For more on Backflip, check out our interview with CEO and founder Julian Farrior from GDC 2014.

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