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Deus Ex film 'still alive,' undergoing rewrites

The CBS Films movie adaptation of Eidos Montreal's cyberpunk-themed game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is "still alive" and simply undergoing rewrites, director Scott Derrickson recently told IGN.

Although based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the film will not be a "rehashing" of events, but an expansion on elements and themes from the game. Speaking about the project, Derrickson confirmed that he is still involved as the film's director, adding that the script is "tricky" to get right.

"The script that we wrote was clearly based on the Human Revolution game," Derrickson said. "We worked hard with the game company to get aspects of the game that we knew would be important to fans of the game and the world and all of that. The upcoming game, the progression of games, there's a little bit that filtered into the script, but not a lot."

Derrickson added that Deus Ex: Human Revolution presented a worthwhile opportunity for a film because of its main character, Adam Jensen — a man who is "inherently interesting" in his own right.

The Deus Ex film was announced in 2012; the project is being approached as a cyberpunk story, rather than a "video game movie." It will draw inspiration from films such as Inception and District 9.

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