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Survarium closed beta to be opened up for one day on April 25

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Survarium developer Vostok Games is opening up the game's closed beta, but for one day only — this Friday, April 25, the studio announced today.

For that 24-hour period, anybody will be able to download the beta of Survarium from its website and give it a go. Afterward, Vostok will close down the beta once again in order to ready the game for a full open beta.

At this point, Survarium consists only of team-based competitive multiplayer; Vostok plans to add a player-versus-environment mode in the fourth quarter of 2014. Survarium is a first-person shooter that brings the STALKER franchise into a massively multiplayer online game.

Vostok also prepared a lengthy video to give people an inside look into its preparations for the one-day open beta, as well as provide some details on the state of Survarium. You can check it out below, along with our interview with Vostok from Gamescom 2013.