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Cookie Clicker creator's 'Game Generator' spits out the next great — or insane — idea

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A god game where you lead hell before the end of the world. A tycoon game where you train monsters to make money. A sim game where you make timelines ad nauseam.

It's the Game Generator, a word randomizer that spits out video game concepts, can sound reasonable, especially if its "sanity" option is checked. It's the work of Orteil, who is perhaps best known as the creator of Cookie Clicker, an avant garde "non-game" that caught the attention of many in the games development community late last summer.

But even with the sanity filter engaged, Game Generator can still go off the rails, if not come up with something completely derivative, like:


Play with Game Generator either by refreshing the browser or changing the seed at the top of the page. The sanity filter defaults to on. Who knows, maybe you'll come up with a winning pitch.