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Titanfall is $37 on Amazon today

Gamers who have yet to snag Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall can grab it at a discount on Amazon today, according to the game's listing.

Amazon's Daily Deal features the first-person mech shooter for $36.99 — 38 percent off its normal price of $59.99. Buyers have a choice between the Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Windows PC versions with this deal.

The discount will be available until midnight tonight, 12:00 a.m. April 23, or until supplies last.

During PAX East earlier this month, Respawn announced Titanfall's first downloadable contentExpedition, slated to launch this May. The story-driven DLC will chronologically take place after the title's multiplayer campaign. The DLC will feature three maps: one called "Swampland," riddled with ruins of "archaic alien technology" and in which players can wall run up trees; "Runoff," which is water-based; and "War Games," which is based on Titanfall's training simulator.

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