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Picross e4 hits Nintendo 3DS May 1

Picross e4, the latest iteration of developer Jupiter Corporation's picture crossword puzzle game franchise, will be available for the Nintendo 3DS in North America on May 1.

Picross e4 was released in Japan last November in the Nintendo 3DS eShop and was previously reported to head to Europe and North America by the end of April. The fourth game in the Picross e series features new 20x15 puzzles, Micross and Mega Picross modes and more than 150 new puzzles. Picross e beginners have access to tutorials and rule options, while players with save data from previous games can play additional Special Puzzles.

Pricing information isn't currently available. Picross e3, the series' previous entry, launched last October in North America for $5.99 through the eShop and Europe last November for £4.50/€5.

The next level of puzzles.

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