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Riot Games reveals the next League of Legends Champion: Braum

League of Legends developer Riot Games has revealed the next playable Champion in its roster: Braum, The Heart of Freljord.

The character is detailed in a new post on the studio's website, which describes Braum as being designed to fill a specific gap in League of Legends. Braum is the first legitimate tank support in the game, who is playable in the multiplayer online battle arena game's bottom lane.

"While other supports focus on buffing, heals or disruption, Braum fills a unique role between the two teams, taking the brunt of the damage for his team and letting his damage dealers do their thing," the post explains.

Braum is also capable of creating zones of safety behind him to protect his teammates. Additionally, while the character can only do a limited amount of damage, he can contribute to fights by using abilities designed to harass the enemy team.

No release date has been announced for this new character. Full information on Braum can be found right here.