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Train Jam 2014 offers up first batch of games

The first batch of games conceived out of Train Jam 2014, a 52-hour game jam held on a train travelling from Chicago to San Francisco, are now available on the event's official website.

At the time of writing, the growing list currently offers 18 games available to freely download for Windows PC, Mac, Oculus or Android, or play online in a browser. Games include Android title Disconnect from Rami Ismail, Brice Puls and Benedict Fritz; Off the Grid by Ryan Wiemeyer, Jamie Sanchez, David Laskey and Chris Wade; Space Jeff from Matthew Hudgins; and, Oculus Team by Alicia Avril and Andrew Gleeson.

The event, which took place March 13-15, offered a way to rally developers heading to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and create games whilst in transit.

Train Jam was organized by Adriel Wallick, an indie game developer based in Boston. Wallick was inspired to create the event from her own journey that gave her a chance to take in the scenery and spend some time on introspection. She then founded Train Jam to use the change of scenery to instil creativity in her fellow developers.

"I think that doing something different always helps creativity," Wallick told Polygon. "Riding on a train is not related to game development, but doing something you don't normally do makes you think about different things ... for example, with Train Jam, how train infrastructure works throughout the United States."

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