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ilomilo developers reveal unreleased prototype Brisby & Donnovan

Game designers Simon Glesser and Magnus Gardeback have revealed prototype gameplay for a title the duo worked on at developer Southend Interactive before the studio shuttered.

A video uploaded to the official YouTube account for canned project Brisby & Donnovan gives you a glimpse at the co-operative side-scroller that was in the works before the pair launched their own studio, Simogo, in 2010.

The game stars Brisby, a small man in a bear suit, and Donnovan, a golem-type character made up of packages who can grow in size. Players control Brisby and toss boxes onto various objects and characters to bait Donnovan into eating them to increase in size and eventually eat larger objects.

Southend Interactive shuttered last June, with staff later hired by Ubisoft's Massive game studio to work on Far Cry 3 and The Division. The studio is best known for Sacred Citadel and its twee release ilomilo.

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