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Check out Minecraft's upcoming terrain creator in action

An update headed to the PC version of Minecraft will allow players to create their own terrain down to the grittiest of details, according to a video recently shared by Team Mojang on YouTube.

The video above demonstrates the terrain creation feature, which will hit with Minecraft update 1.8. The feature includes 16 different sliders for players to tinker with when building their environment — including biome depth, height and weight as well as the field's depth of noise. Players can use these sliders to play with these variables or input values directly, giving absolute control to creators in terms of how structures will be generated.

According to the YouTube description, Mojang will provide seven pre-set terrain options in the update that they feel players will find "interesting," serving as jumping-off points for creating their own environments. These pre-sets include a world made of almost entirely water and a set of floating islands.

Minecraft update 1.8 is currently slated to launch sometime in May.