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TIGA announces Games Tax Relief tour

U.K. trade association TIGA announced today plans for a Games Tax Relief tour to provide game developers with more information on how games industry tax relief will affect them.

This follows confirmation that the European Commission has lifted its block on tax incentives for the U.K. games industry earlier this year. The lift on tax incentives results in roughly £188 million in additional investments for U.K. games businesses between now and 2019.

"TIGA is focused on helping game developers and digital publishers succeed. So we are organising the TIGA GTR Tour to help developers understand how tax relief can unleash the creative and financial potential of their studios, and drive innovation & experimentation in their business," said TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson.

"We want as many game developers and digital publishers to benefit from GTR and so we are bringing together a range of expert speakers to a range of different locations across the UK."

The tour starts off in Oxford, England this May, with all events free to developers. A full list of dates can be found right here.

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