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Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Galactic Strongholds delayed

Galactic Strongholds, the upcoming expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, has been delayed from its June release for subscribers to August 19, senior producer Bruce Maclean announced via the game's official site.

With the delay, BioWare will have time to add more features, including conquest events, expanded functionality for guilds, more strongholds, stronghold storage and decorations.

"We have been listening to what you, our players, were hoping to see from the Galactic Strongholds expansion," Maclean wrote. "When playing early builds of Galactic Strongholds it became that clear that our June Early Access date was simply not enough. For this to truly feel like an expansion, it needs to include the full set of features, including those originally coming later in the year."

In Galactic Strongholds, players will be able to take up residence on different planets, as well as send invitations to friends from anywhere. Previously, subscribers would have gained access to the update on June 24, while former subscribers with purchases of $4.99 or greater had a date of July 29. For other players, content would be available in August.

Under the new schedule, those interested will now have until July 15 to become a subscriber and earn rewards. Following the subscriber launch in August, other players will gain access in September and October, according to their subscriber status.

The Galactic Starfighter expansion, which introduced spaceship-focused content, was released earlier this year following its launch for subscribers last December.

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