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Experience the terror of drowning in this interactive video

Sortie En Mer: A Trip Out to Sea, an interactive video from French marine wear manufacturer Guy Cotten, aims to promote lifejacket use by turning an idyllic boating trip into deadly game of survival.

The story begins on a sailboat where things take an unexpected turn. You experience Sortie En Mer entirely from the eyes of the unnamed protagonist. Soon, you're overboard, and uninterrupted scrolling with your mouse or trackpad or tapping the up arrow key is the only way you can stay on the water's surface. Stop swiping, and you start drowning. Keep swiping, and you'll survive, at least for a time, as your body and mind tire, deteriorate and hallucinate.

You can visit the video's site to experience Sortie En Mer (which, though in French, contains some NSFW subtitles) for yourself.

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