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Why now is the right time for AirMech Arena to land on consoles

AirMech Arena, Carbon Games' hybrid real-time strategy/multiplayer online battle arena game, is headed to Xbox 360 this summer because it's the "right time" to do so, the studio's co-founder James Green said in an interview on publisher Ubisoft's blog.

Carbon Games has been developing AirMech Arena for years. Though it released the game in beta first on Steam for Windows PC late last year, consoles were always in the developer's sights. According to Green, it wasn't until the MOBA genre began to migrate from PC to console that AirMech Arena became viable as a console release.

"When I originally designed AirMech MOBAs didn't really exist on consoles, but now they do so it's a lot easier to get people excited about the concept," Green said. "We needed a publisher that wasn't going to try to change the game. Ubisoft was the only publisher that agreed it should be free-to-play and follow the competitive eSports theme. They haven't messed with us at all over the gameplay. We were comfortable working with them and that's why it's great to do this right now."

For more on AirMech Arena, its path to consoles and how indie developers are innovating with the free-to-play model, be sure to read our recent interviews with Green and more. You can also see the game in action in its console announcement trailer below.

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