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Cloudbuilt gets gamepad support, free-running 'level remixes' coming soon

Cloudbuilt, developer Coilworks' action game with a focus on free-running through its watercolor environments, now supports controllers and will add new "level remixes" soon, publisher Rising Star Games announced this week.

Cloudbuilt shipped last month with keyboard and mouse controls. Controller support arrived in the game as a result of player feedback, according to a representative from the publisher.

"During the development of Cloudbuilt, a lot of thought was put into adding controller support," the representative wrote on Steam. "On the one hand, Cloudbuilt is — at its heart — a fast-paced speed-running platform that requires precision and quick reflexes, making it ideally suited for keyboard and mouse controls. On the other though … well, people want controller support. We had to come to a decision. 

"Ultimately then, what's been implemented has worked out great. The game now not only plays with all of the controllers supported by Steam, but plays really well — Coilworks have re-worked the button mapping and even added a 'quick turn' button to help with those tricky wall jumps. All told, it's a great way to enjoy the game and adds yet another layer of skill to the action, even if it's not quite how everyone originally saw Cloudbuilt being played."

Couldbuilt's "level remixes" will "focus on upgraded streamlined free-running fluidity" and join the game "soon," according to the publisher.

The Windows PC game was released March 20 on Steam, where it's available for $19.99. You can see Cloudbuilt in motion in the trailer below.