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Consoles still the dominant gaming platform, says ESA survey

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The percentage of Americans who play video games is now at 59 percent,, and consoles still are the most played gaming device, according to a survey taken by the Entertainment Software Association.

Video gaming surveys have long showed upward trends both in the number of gamers and in their increasing age, especially with the rise of mobile gaming. Still, 68 percent of respondents to the ESA's survey said they play games on consoles, compared with 54 percent who said they play them on smartphones.

That last figure, however, stood at 22 percent in 2012, showing enormous growth for the mobile platform even as consoles remain well ahead.

Other questions asked of the survey is whether parents view video games to be a positive part of their child's life; a majority — 56 percent — said yes, though some could view the figure as low given the nature of the question.

The average age of a gamer now stands at 31 years, and the average length of a current gamer's career is 14 years old. There are more facts and figures at the link.

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