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Celebrate Monster Hunter's 10th birthday with a $22,000 guitar

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Monster Hunter is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a ... guitar?

ESP Guitars has modeled an axe on a sword — the in-game Rathalos Firesword, to be precise. It is not cheap. Available in Japan for 2.3 million yen, that converts to more than $22,000 U.S. It does come with a case, however.

Capcom has partnered with others to create high-end collectibles commemorating the series, from shirts to charm necklaces to a ... golf bag, completed with Monster Hunter-themed golf balls and ball markers. That has yet to be priced but, as they say, if you have to ask, you probably cannot afford it.

More images and details at the link. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will launch in the west in early 2015; Japan, meanwhile gets Monster Hunter 4G in the fall of this year.