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Sony teases PS4 augmented reality concepts

The latest videos on the PlayStation Japan blog showcases a selection of augmented reality experiments the company conducted with the PlayStation 4 and its camera peripheral.

The first video, above, demonstrates fluid simulation. A user holds up a white card that turns to a virtual water-holding cube and the virtual water is then poured into a second virtual container. The other video highlights PS4 AR dynamic lighting. The user is shown using a real-life light source to illuminate a virtual dinosaur, which can also be affected by different light colors.

The blog also mentions Sony's work in "trading card recognition." According to a translation by NeoGAF user danhese007, the AR trading card recognition technology demonstration "recognizes high-speed pattern of trading card, to display and play music and characters named after the card." A video of the demonstration is not provided.

The blog outlines two AR demonstrations using the PlayStation Vita. The first is the Narita Airport diorama AR demo. Based on real flight schedule of Narita airport, users can watch virtual planes take off and land using the PS Vita against a diorama of the airport. The second demonstration is the "Super Cyber ​​transmission box," tentatively dubbed the "VitaHoloPoP," that uses the PS Vita to project virtual figurines into a real-life display case.

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