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Oculus Rift experiment lets users experience lag in real life

An experiment from fiber broadband provider allows Oculus Rift users to experience one of the internet's most frustrating aspects: lag.

The experiment, dubbed "Living with Lag," demonstrates the trouble people would have dealing with lag in real life. In the video above, users are outfitted with an Oculus Rift and given different tasks to perform; the headset features both a one-third of a second delay and a full three-second delay.

One user attends a dance class. Despite her best efforts, every attempt to keep up is hopelessly late, leading her to bump into her fellow dancers. In another experiment, the user tries cooking with little success. You can watch the results in the video above.

The Oculus Rift has been used for a variety of experiments and experiences outside of gaming. In one instance, a woman used it to help her dying grandmother experience the outside world again, while a different experiment allowed men and women to virtually swap bodies. The headset has also been used to control home-made aerial drones.

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